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What is talent?

talent \ˈta-lənt\

A talent is a recurring and specific natural capability that is unique to the individual, which can be intentionally developed and productively employed


A talent is an inexhaustible source of energy embedded in each individual, which when harnessed enables the person to produce extraordinary results and demonstrate exceptional performance

Our Research Framework

Our research is the culmination of more than 30 years of research into human talent design - the inherent talent architecture innately embedded in each individual.

After working with thousands of individuals, we finally answered the question "Does each individual have a specific and unique repertoire of natural capabilities embedded in them?," with a resounding, "Yes!"

These insights were not developed in the safe and secure world of academic research. They were birthed, developed, pummeled, proven, tried and tested in the rough and tumble of the corporate business world.

The integrity of our research stood and withstood the harshness of the marketplace (which often is ruthless and unforgiving), working with CEOs, Directors and Business Owners, who had little or no time for academic pontification.

Their bottom line was “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work”, even if all the academics and management gurus at Oxford, Harvard, Stanford (or where ever) said otherwise.

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