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Talent Research Foundation


Talent Research Foundation is an organization whose mission is to optimize human productivity through research, teaching and consulting.


The focus of our research is the development of diagnostic methods that will precisely uncover the natural capability innately embedded in each individual. The specifics of an individual’s natural capability is detailed in a Productivity Compass that defines where the individual will demonstrate optimal effectiveness, excellence and exceptional performance in a job, vocation or any endeavor


Our teaching modules provide individuals and corporations with in-depth expert knowledge of how each individual's natural capability can be leveraged for superior performance. For example, students who are unsure of the best career path or managers who need to know how to effectively deploy employees will find this knowledge invaluable.


Our consulting focus provides pragmatic solutions to organizations in hiring, succession planning, performance resolution and enhancing team effectiveness. Our principal researchers/consultants work with organizations around the world and provide premium expertise in handling complex management issues or problems.